181. Gellnerovský seminář – Diána Vonnák

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The talk focuses on the changing professional field of conservation and heritage management in Lviv, Ukraine, tracing the transformation of the institutional landscape, key routes to power and legitimate knowledge, and the ideological terrain this transformation can be mapped onto. Based on over a year-long ethnography, this project assesses key developments in post-socialist urban development both in a regional context, and in the broader context of the changing role of the state in cities across Europe.


Diána Vonnák is a PhD candidate in social anthropology at Durham University, UK. She has worked as an applied researcher at the Metropolitan Research institute in Budapest since 2018, and was an external doctoral researcher at Vienna University between 2016–2019. She’s interested in urban anthropology, mostly adaptation and resilience to changing social, environmental and economic conditions, in ethnography as a method in complex institutional settings, and in the anthropology of the state.